Happy Hints

Focusing on what you have

When my life circumstances changed and I found myself increasingly on my own, I struggled to find peace and contentment.

I had a beautiful home, a loving family, supportive friends... so why did I in this new phase of my life, find myself yearning for the 'something' that was missing?

Something was missing and that was 'thankfulness and gratitude!'  I started to focus everyday on what I had, not what was missing...

The repetition and consistency of 'thank you for'....

my health...
my home..
my family..
my friends..

also the wonderful world that I live in and the awesomeness of everything around me....

has brought my life to contentment and peace.

My home is a sanctuary, my life is full and I no longer feel alone.

''A grateful mind has no room for complaint!"

Edina Jacobson, UK