Back to Sanity by Steve Taylor

Following Steve Taylor's best selling book Waking from Sleep, which explores the whole concept of 'how awake are we really?', comes his latest book Back to Sanity.  This book explores some equally profound questions about the nature of consciousness and how we can heal our damaged 'bits'.  He poses the idea that there might be something wrong with human beings, even that we might be slightly insane! He questions why it is that so many human beings are filled with a restless discontent, and an insatiable desire for material goods, status and power. And why it is that human history has been filled with endless conflict, oppression and inequality.

In this ground-breaking and inspiring book, Steve Taylor suggests that we do suffer from a psychological disorder, which he refers to as humania, or ego-madness. It's the root cause of all our dysfunctional behaviour, both as individuals and as a species. This book explains the characteristics of humania, where it stems from and how it leads to the madness of materialism, status-seeking, warfare, inequality and other symptoms of our insanity. But equally importantly, Back to Sanity shows how we can heal this 'mental disorder' and allow the fleeting moments of harmony that we all experience from time to time to become our permanent state of being.... a state of peace and happiness.