Useful Connections



Below are a number of connections you may find useful.  The happiness and positive psychology movement is a broad church and not everything on offer will appeal to everyone.  So what we've done is included those that have acquired the best reputations for helping individuals develop better strategies for happiness and wellbeing.

Explore for yourself and see if there's anything that appeals...


Global Happiness Organization

Action for Happiness

The Happiness Project

The Dalai Lama Centre

The Pursuit of Happiness

The New Economics Foundation 

Management Innovation Exchange

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program

Good News Network

Centre for Applied Positive Psychology

The Happiness Consultancy

Kindness UK

Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab



Happy News

The Happy Museum

Delivering Happiness

Project Happiness

Happiness Podcast

Authentic Happiness

The Happiness Trap

Happiness Project (UK)