Research has a valid place in helping us to interpret and understand our world and it has made an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the self and the environment. That said, the subject of happiness is a very difficult thing to quantify. In truth, the number one expert on this subject is you! And so although in this section of the site we’ll present you with some of the data from neuroscience, nutrition, philosophy, mind-body medicine, psychology, spirituality and much more that offers an explanation and way of quantifying happiness, we would still encourage you to make your own experience your greatest source of reference.


We are not endorsing any one point of view here because we don’t believe that any one perspective tells the whole story. So please examine the articles, research data, commentaries and other information featured here and draw your own conclusions about how they fit with your experience, perspective and understanding of the world.


Although a lot of the data featured will be factual and have a strong evidence base it’s worth remembering that the language of science is not the only way to make sense of the world. Research could and we would say should include your own self-exploration. There are just as many secrets to be unveiled in your inner universe and they are best not discounted. Therefore we would encourage you to see traditional scientific methods as one way of developing your own insight and understanding but arguably the greatest way to do this is to in fact keep an open mind.


It is in the fertile soil of an open mind that the wisdom and wonder of your ‘best self’ will flourish.

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