The Power of Thank You…

In this section of the site we will feature personal accounts of those individuals who have experienced the 'power of thank you' in their lives.  Our clinical experience and research over many years has clearly shown us that there is nothing that will get you to a place of happiness and well-being more quickly than finding things to be thankful for.

The more we focus on what's wrong in our lives the more we find that which is wrong.  Whatever we practise (how we live day to day).... we eventually become.  We are creatures of habit.  If we practise thinking negatively then negative events keep turning up.  When we practise looking at the world positively our mental attitude follows suit and positive things wait in line to greet us.  In fact, even when negative or less favourable things come in front of us a mind that is steeped in gratitude and appreciation finds the blessings even in those situations.... because fortune can be found within misfortune.  It all depends on our vantage point.

We invite you, through the eyes of those who've taken this journey, to see the 'power of thank you' in action.  All the great minds, from Confucius, Patanjali, Socrates, Aristotle through to Rumi, Rabi'a, Michaelangelo, Tagore and more recently Einstein, Gandhi and King, all spoke in some way of the power of thank you.  The mind that practises gratitude and giving thanks is in a perpetual state of healing and growth.  We hope these experiences might inspire you to take the shortest road to happiness.....

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