Be Inspired…

Be Inspired... is a collection of audio summaries (6-12 mins long). Each one offers some insight into how happiness and well-being can be achieved.  We are unlikely to sustain happiness in our lives and reap its many benefits if we don't understand how we are often obstacles to our own growth.  These recordings will help you identify those things blocking your path and offer you solutions for overcoming them.

You'll find the more that you take these journeys the more control you'll have over the way that you feel.  These recordings are being sold for the modest fee of £1.00 and are great value for money.


The Need To Slow Down

The Power Of Choice

Virtue or Vice

Dearest Past

Routine Is Power

Dearest Body

Order Creates Peace

The 3 Gatekeepers

Thank You For The Gift Of...

Being The Best You Can Be