Our app, Happy Hints, has been designed around an eternal calendar. Every day you will receive a positive message, beautifully presented. Each message has an expanded summary of that day’s affirmation. The message will be sent to your device 3 times during the course of the day - morning, afternoon and evening. This will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on and apply the message to your day.


Sadly, we are all moving too quickly and barely have the time to process what we are thinking and feeling. This leaves most of us with a happiness deficit. So, whether you are a busy executive burdened by the demands of meetings and deadlines, a parent managing a home and looking after your children or you are just trying to find ways of dealing with the stress of life in the 21st century, then Happy Hints is definitely for you!


The app also includes literally hundreds of audio-visual and written resources covering topics ranging from: how to manage anxiety, anger, depression and stress through to building self-confidence, developing a positive mental attitude and mindfulness tips.


The beauty of this application is that it is simple to use and provides you with an encyclopaedic resource at your fingertips, which will serve up countless insights and invaluable inspirations when you most need them. All the information is presented in an easily digestible format and you’ll soon find that Happy Hints will become an indispensable friend!


Happiness is a virtue, but it’s really important to understand that it is also a skill. A skill is something you can learn and develop and so happiness is something you can practise and the more you practise it the happier you will become.


Our app is available for both android and iOS devices.