Laughing For Life

It has been said that laughter is the shortest distance between two people and we believe this to be true. Laughter removes the need for dialogue and a common language because it has the ability to bridge all social and cultural differences. We all understand the meaning of a smile and are touched by the infectious sound of laughter.


In this section of the site we will feature things that are funny and encourage one to laugh for no other reason than it is good for you. The endorphins and other chemical magicians that are released when we’re happy and laughing are so wonderfully beneficial that the more we’re exposed to them the better they make us feel. Laughter literally is medicine. It heals the body, soothes the mind, uplifts the spirit and encourages our creative intelligence. This is such a wonderful gift.


We will also feature in this section other reasons you should take happiness and laughter more seriously.... which may seem like a contradiction in terms but happiness is your business and therefore your responsibility. It’s not someone’s job to make you happy; that’s down to you. So we hope you’ll use this section of the site to build and strengthen this dimension of your life.  Remember, laughter is literally medicine for the mind, body and soul. Be sure to take your daily dose!

Taking Happiness Seriously

Laughter is Good for You