Better Mind, Better Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer reveals how the ancient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching helped him shift from ambition to a new kind of meaningful consciousness in this empowering exploration of the dynamics of our thought process.


Dr. Wayne Dyer is affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans. Despite his childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, he has overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true. Using the powerful nature of intent he is able to show others how to find the same success on their own.


He is a best selling author, motivational speaker, therapist and self help guru. He has published more than 30 self help books, 10 of which have gone on to become best sellers of their genre, influencing many thousands with his messages on motivation, spirituality, happiness and how to create abundance.


Dyer's success as an author began with the best selling book "Your Erroneous Zones". He has gone on over the last 25 years to produce other self help classics such as "Real Magic", "Wisdom of the Ages", and "You'll See it when you Believe it".



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