An Attitude of Gratitude

I guess I have always known about gratitude but didn’t quite understand it. Mom and Dad would say ‘be thankful for all you have’, ’ count your blessings’... I would think, give thanks for what?....we have nothing! Then life the Great Teacher stepped in to correct my flawed perspective and I’ve been on an amazing journey of learning ever since.

I know when things are going my way I am happy and appreciative, however when they’re not I resort to the ‘why me’ syndrome. It’s easy to give thanks for all that which is going right in your life, but here comes the test.... can you honestly give thanks for the sad, pain and hurtful things in life?


This is where my work with Reach kicks in. The learning is inspirational, refreshing, however challenging and you have to practise, practise and practise some more for the real positive changes to occur!! For me it’s the small thank yous that add up to the biggest positive changes. Every time I give thanks and truly appreciate all in my life from my heart, it always serves me back with love, compassion and understanding. Thank You Reach for this insight!


I’ve come to realize that the real skill is remembering. It’s through the habit of remembering what’s important for the self that I’ve been most empowered. Everything then awakens within me and life becomes more beautiful and vibrant.  Gratitude is the map to finding the treasures we hold within, going past the material stuff and looking within us in High Definition!!


What sets my inner self alight with joy is that we all have the power to do this and with my new best friend Happy Hints the journey of remembrance can only become more insightful and colourful.


Kanta, India