Change begins with me

Without going into the finer details of my life story, suffice it to say I have been to the darkest depths of self-pity and self loathing. For over 30 years all I seemed to focus on were the negative aspects of my life. How I felt hard done by, how everyone let me down, how nothing ever went my way. All I could do was complain about everything; even small things I managed to make big which meant I slipped further and further into a state of depression.


Then one day, out of the blue, a friend who had put up with me for years asked why don’t I do something about it? Of course my first reaction was to say she didn’t understand, no one did, who or what could possibly help? And it was on that fateful day in September 2010 I was introduced to The Reach Approach. It was there I first came across this concept of gratitude and appreciation.


The changes for me didn’t happen overnight but with patience and regular practice I was empowered to change my outlook on life. What helped me the most was The Power of Thank You.


Just learning to be grateful for not only the big things but the small ones too I was able to slowly step out of the cycle of complaint and criticism and really realise what I had and all that I had to be grateful for. The Reach Approach taught me that a grateful mind has no room for complaint and it really is true. How can I complain when I am constantly giving thanks and looking for the benefit in every situation?


Obviously, I am no saint and I’m not suggesting I live a perfect life and there are times when I find myself caught in an old pattern of thinking, but now I remind myself to be thankful. I go in search of the little things - especially the things we all take for granted. Counting my blessings has literally saved my life. I will always be grateful to the power of thank you!

Trudy, Florida