Gratitude and health



Probably like most people I used to take almost everything for granted. I really had so much to be grateful for and was very fortunate in so many ways, and yet I never gave any thought to my good fortune. When I became unwell with a chronic condition - which isn’t life threatening but does require careful management and a change in lifestyle - it began to dawn on me just how much I’ve taken my body and my health for granted.


I fully believe that my ill health has come about because of the stress I subjected my body to through the negative habits of pessimism, worrying, doing too much and rushing from pillar to post, having negative relationships and not allowing myself time to process anything, think positive thoughts, appreciate nature.... or just be.


I’ve learned now how whenever I’m thinking negatively there’s a corresponding biochemical reaction in my body which compromises my immune system’s ability to function properly and in fact undermines all the cells in my body (I learned this through my contact with Reach) ... in short my stress and lack of appreciation for my body and indeed for my precious life and the people in it, led to my compromised health.


Every day now I have a wonderful ritual....Every morning and every night and as often as I remember in between I give thanks for the smallest and the greatest things in my life... and particularly my body... which is slowly making its way back to health now that it has my respect and my support.


Saying ‘thank you’ is such an uplifting thing to do – to just be grateful and appreciative... it always makes me feel better in spite of myself; it’s a habit I can’t afford to let go of, but I don’t want to because I love practising gratitude and I love the outcomes.

Erica Delaney, UK