The Dreamseller: The Revolution

International bestseller Augusto Cury returns with this enlightening fable about the mysterious dreamseller who continues to touch lives.


The Dreamseller, a philosopher dressed in rumpled clothes, travels the country gathering followers and delivering lessons to those in despair. In this uplifting journey, the Dreamseller demonstrates that societies are comprised of anonymous heroes who go unrecognized for their deeds: cancer patients who fight for their lives like warriors, parents who exhaust their bodies and minds to support and educate their children, and teachers who, despite low wages, enhance the minds of their students.


"The Dreamseller: The Revolution" reveals that the history of mankind is complex. Moving, entertaining and inspiring, "The Dreamseller: The Revolution" leaves readers with a new perspective on life.  Given how fabulous the first book was, the sequel promises to deliver an equally moving account of the human condition.