Are you sick… or are you thirsty?

Batmanghelidj graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University, where he studied under Sir Alexander Fleming. He largely conducted research in the field of gastroenterology, and his research and subsequent books attracted media coverage in the nineties.


Batmanghelidj claims that he discovered the medicinal value of water during his detention in Evin Prison by treating inmates with water when medication was not available. His methods and ideas ascribing common disease symptoms to dehydration have not been adopted by the medical community at large, however there are thousands of individuals and therapists worldwide who claim, through their own experiences, to have been 'cured' by his protocols.


He authored Your Body's Many Cries for Water in 1992. In this book, Batmanghelidj asserts that chronic dehydration is the root cause of all physical diseases and explains the damaging effects of dehydration on the body and mind.  His writings, related to the treatment of diseases and conditions with water, have been considered by some to be controversial.


Watch this series of videos and see whether water could indeed be the antidote for your ills.  There is growing evidence that water is pivotal to both mental and physical health, which given the fact that we are mostly made of water does not seem an unreasonable assumption.... judge for yourself.





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